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Billy Watson


Originally from an emu ranch in the depths of the Minnesota bluffs, Billy knew there was a bigger life that the world of Advertising could offer. During his college career he assisted in the design and production of print advertisements for the music department at Winona State University and pursued a degree in Mass Communication. After graduation he relocated to Chicago and interned for a PR firm specializing in event publicity, brand management, and media relations. During his time in the big city he assisted with the promotion and execution of numerous events throughout Chicago: House of Blues, The Hunt Club, The Zhou B Art Center, and The Joynt are only a few of the venues he had the pleasure of marketing. He designed numerous creative projects for both the firm and their clients. These projects included electronic press kits, event flyers, event invites, and other promotional tools. Billy now assists in the production and design of merchandise packaging and publications that are needed by various clients associated with MoCo, Inc. But his passion truly lies in the drinking of wine and researching the latest celebrity gossip. Specifically, Lindsay Lohan. Ask him where you can locate pictures of Kim Kardashian crying.