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Uponor Smatrix Microsite

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We worked with Uponor to create this engaging and informative microsite that showcases their Smatrix Pulse whole-home radiant heating system. We designed an experience allowing users to explore a cutaway house by heating zone. Once inside a specific zone, users learn how radiant systems work with SVG animation and an information panel. Though created specifically for the AHR Expo in a standalone kiosk, this microsite is also web-friendly and accessible to the general public.


  • UI and UX design
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • PWA optimization
Uponor Smatrix Microsite Overview

“Grateful for your partnership! Not only was this a great tool on the show floor at AHR, but it will continue to serve as a tool for both homeowners and contractors to better understand and explore Uponor radiant solutions.”

Stephanie Alles