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Uponor Virtual City

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With Uponor, we developed Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) to be used as kiosks to add interactivity to their trade show booths. MOCO offered UI and UX input and provided the front and back-end development for large, 50″ touch screens. Using the PWA approach we provided a great interactive experience to the end user and gave Uponor a cost-effective solution. Later, we updated these kiosks to be web-friendly and accessible to the general public.


  • UI and UX design
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • PWA optimization
  • Kiosk implementation
  • 50%
    Decreased cost using PWA approach
  • 4min
    Average engagment time

“Grateful for your partnership! Not only was this a great tool on the show floor at AHR, but it will continue to serve as a tool for both homeowners and contractors to better understand and explore Uponor radiant solutions.”

Stephanie Alles