Simple Control Brand Image Refresh

MoCo worked with Roomie Remote to review their situation and develop a plan to take the company from online-only sales into various retail channels.  To start with, MoCo rebranded the company as Simple Control.  Along with this rebranding effort, we developed an entirely new brand image including new logo design, new corporate ID package, new website and more.

Corporate Identity Redesign.

Simple Control Tradeshow Presence

The CEDIA tradeshow was chosen as the venue to introduce the new brand and new business strategy to the AV custom installation channel.

Simple Control Package Design System

Next, MoCo developed a package design system that clearly communicates the simplicity of the product line and incorporates design aspects that allow a complete plan-o-gram to maximize shelf space in traditional 4’ gondola sections.

Simple Control Package Design System. Website

Image & Text

We completely reinvented the Simple Control consumer website, online storefront and user forum. We created a responsive WordPress platform that utilizes HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript that closely integrates with the Simple Control iOS apps, Magento ecommerce platform and discussion forum.

Image & Text

With a majority of users coming from within the Simple Control iOS app it was imperative to have a “mobile first” design strategy. We meticulously crafted a liquid layout design that allows users a seamless transition from the app to the website.

Responsive design layout.