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Star Tribune Company Media Kit

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We worked with the Star Tribune to redefine their online Media Kit. Along with the redesign we also developed the content strategy and information architecture for the new platform. We reorganized, rewrote and consolidated all areas of the existing site. Relational data was created and based around redefined target markets and allowed for easy navigation throughout the site.


  • Content Architecture
  • Wireframing, UI and UX design
  • Custom WordPress theme and admin

“There’s no shortage of agencies we can partner with for critical digital projects. What keeps us coming back to MOCO goes way beyond their creative and technical chops. They’re grounded in the real world. They’re practical and efficient. They navigate all the egos and agendas to keep things on track. I don’t need any more hassles in my job. I need more of what I have with MOCO: trust.”

Steve Yaeger
Chief Marketing Officer, Star Tribune